Judi Catling, RMT

Reiki Integrative Energy Healing

Reiki restores your energy balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress or trauma, and promoting relaxation. 

Through the channeling of life force energy, Reiki has the capacity to heal every aspect of the body, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

30 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $80
Chakra Balance/Tune Up: $30 ~ approx. 20-25 mins.

Specials and discounts occur often.  Contact me!

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Biomagnetic Energy Therapy

Biomagnetic Energy Therapy is an all-natural, noninvasive therapy that consists of placing special rare earth magnets of certain strength and polarity on specific parts of the body.

Biomagnetic Therapy boosts your immune system, balances your body's pH, and promotes natural self- healing.  Includes Reiki for increased effectiveness of the healing potential of the magnets.

1 hour session: $80

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A morning yoga session peering into the jungle in Ubud, Bali.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Ready to shed the stress from your week?

This group meditation begins with a themed dharma talk that changes weekly as we delve into the uses and benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Relax and release during guided breathwork and a meditation journey.

Then, receive messages from the Oracle for personal reflection during the week ahead.

In person or on Zoom:
Every Saturday
9:30 - 10:30 am

Class fee: $15

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Additional Personal One-on-One Services

Past Life Regression

Past life regression allows you to recall the memories and emotions associated with a past life that continue to exert an influence over your present reality. You may not have even been aware that these experiences are still affecting you today. I guide you gently through your journey and add Reiki healing for clarity and support.  You will receive a journal to record your insights! 

90 minutes - $100

Akashic Records Journey

The Akashic Records are a record of each soul’s journey through the infinite.  They are a vast trove of information containing incredible wisdom and insight. If you’re curious to learn why you are who you are, how you got here, or future possibilities you may find yourself experiencing in this lifetime, it can be an amazing resource.  You will receive an audio Akashic Records Journey to revisit at home!

60 minutes - $80