Classes & Workshops

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Reiki Classes for Certification

Level 1: $150
Level 2: $250
Level 3/Master $600

Levels 1 and 2 are single day classes typically 4-6 hours each.  You will receive a Reiki manual, practice time, many handouts and attunement with certificate.

Reiki Master is a 3-4 month long mentorship.  We meet several times for 2-3 hours.  Each meeting covers items on the Reiki Master Checklist.  The final meeting is a 3-4 hour class to receive your Reiki Master manual, final training, followed by the attunement and certification.

Crystal Grids & Sacred Geometry


This fun interactive workshop introduces you to Sacred Geometry and how to use various grids and crystals for manifestation, clarity and guidance.  You will receive a set of three laminated grids plus handouts to take home.

Soul Journeys 6-week workshop

 Prepay the series and save $40: $200

This 6-week series will take you through the many manifestations of your soul’s journey through time using regression techniques and guided meditation. Includes many handouts and booklets.
Each session will focus on a specific technique to tap into your soul’s wisdom, gaining insight into your current life issues, challenges and patterns:

1. Chakra wisdom – the energy centers in the body are a ‘go-to’ manual for wellness
2. Lessons from this lifetime – for eradicating programmed conditioning
3. Past life experiences – to uncover repetitive themes and karmic patterns
4. Akashic records – the library containing all the soul’s experiences through time
5. The body deva – for tuning into the spiritual wisdom of the body
6. The four elements – working with fire, earth, air, water 

Mandalas & Mimosas


Similar to "Wine & Paint" events, only different!
Create your own!  Choose from mandalas to frame, mandala-designed rocks or note cards!
You may create as many mandalas as you wish!
All materials provided!
Perfect for gift-giving to everyone we hold in our hearts! 
Mimosas, delicious snacks to nibble and light refreshments provided while you create! 

Sound Healing Events - weekly and monthly

Soulful Sunday with Sacred Sounds
Every Sunday 9:00-10:00am


Breath & Bowls Sound Healing

Coincides with Cosmic and Lunar Events
Time/Date varies monthly

Prepay $100 for 5 sound healing events -
good for BOTH Breath & Bowls and Soulful Sunday

Sound Healing with crystal and Tibetan bowls, chimes, light drumming and other instruments to soothe and nurture your spirit. Combined with breathwork and gentle guided meditation, you will leave refreshed and renewed.
Please bring yoga mat, pillow, blankets, etc. and dress comfortably. Chairs provided.